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Link-Log Fireplaces in Pittsburgh, PA

Lesney Concrete Specialties of Tarentum, Pennsylvania, offers a variety of outdoor fireplaces, including the “Link-Log” Barbecue fireplace.
Outdoor Fireplace - Link Log Fireplaces in Pittsburgh, PA
Outdoor Fireplace - Backyard Fireplaces in Pittsburgh, PA
Link Log Fireplace - Link Log Fireplaces in Pittsburgh, PA

Link-Log Barbecue

The Link-Log Barbecue is constructed of aggregate cement that is reinforced with 3/8” rebar to form a concrete log that is both fire-resistant and strong. The cooking and charcoal grates are both made of stainless steel using a strong angle iron outer frame for lasting service. To prolong the life of your grate, we recommend you store it inside when not in use.
The Link-Log Barbecue requires little to no care, and offers a variety of advantages, other than being a beautiful decorative concrete piece:
  • Steel Reinforced Logs
  • Burns Wood or Coal
  • Permanent Appearance, but Easy to Move
  • Adjustable Charcoal Grate
  • Rustic Design Lends to Enjoyable Outdoor Living
Contact us today and learn more about our outdoor fireplaces in Tarentum, Pennsylvania.